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*Blank* my life!

So I was working on a post about grilling this past weekend when Murphy’s Law decided to interrupt not only the diet Gods, but also my intellectual, culinary prowess!  After an uber long day at work (I didn’t get home until about 9pm) and narrowly missing the apocalyptic rain storm that’s going outside right now, something else happened to put a cherry on top of my craptastic day.  As a sidenote…I had some of the sweetest bing cherries for lunch today!

Moving along…  I come home and see that both of my neighbors’ cars are parked in front of my house…something that regularly pisses me off because they have a garage and why can’t they park in front of their own damn house!  *slaps self twice*  Ok, I have it together…  So I go to pull into my garage.  I’m prepared to not eat dinner after 7pm as a part of my diet and just go upstairs to do some work.  Then, what I thought was the clap of thunder was none other than this infamous rickety a** garage, that has been repaired and replaced twice, coming down with a lean worse than my friend Mia on a Friday night after partying with me.  Of course this happens AFTER I get my car into the garage.  Nice!  After messing around with it for about 30 minutes and getting it to about 4 inches off of the ground as opposed to 1ft, I decided to back my car all the way to avoid someone trying to tuck an roll into my house and retired upstairs, defeated and angry.  Oh, but it doesn’t stop there…

I set my air conditioner on a timer, ya know, to do my part.  I get in the house after a 98+ degree day and no air is on!!!  What gives???  So in order to appease myself and calm down, I automatically think about what I could eat. (Ok, here’s the point of this rant.)  I was thinking steak, but they’re frozen…  Hmm, shrimp?  Frozen, but they thaw fast, but do I want to have hands that smell like day old seafood in the morning?  Nope!  Salad…yeah, it expired last week and was slimy, so what’s left?  You guessed it!  Van de Kamp’s fish sticks, green grapes (because that’s the only kind I like) and cold bottle of Stella.

The food that soothed my soul!

I must say that made me feel a lot better actually.  Now I know one thing, these damn garage people better have my door fixed by the time I have to get on the road in the morning!  Sorry for talking your ears (really your eyes) off, but I’m done now.  Stay tuned for the quick grilling special…

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