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Happy to have my weekends back…Part Deux!

As I’m getting ready to type this post, another idea is swirling around in my head.  I’ve had a crab and egg croissant, fabulous salad, red velvet cupcake, 3 tacos from Chipotle and I’m still hungry.  So as much as I know I shouldn’t, should I eat my remaining red velvet cupcake???  It’s calling me…


So I will be starting school for my 2nd Masters in a few weeks and between getting ready for that, planning my vacation next week and looking for places to move, I’ve been slacking on a lot…including the blog.  My plan for Saturday was to hang out with a friend during the day and come home to tackle this house from all sides…laundry, packing, cleaning the garage, etc.  Well I was still not feeling quite 100% from Friday, so I canceled my day date and just decided I was going to do housework and rest as needed.

I knew what my work fuel for the day was going to be, so I called in the order and decided to get boxes for my move while I was waiting.  If you reference Holdin’ on like Gorilla Glue to My 20’s, you’ll see a portion of my wine, well really liquor, collection.  The bottom of the 8ft wine cabinet is full of different wines and sake.

In case you DIDN'T read this!

I decided that the bottles were the easiset thing to begin packing up for my less than desirable move.  So I run out to the local wine shop (where they know me by name…and order apparently) to get some boxes.  The nice lady goes in the back, comes out with three boxes and says, “This should be enough, hon.”

Now I may have discussed this restaurant in a previous blog, but if not, I definitely tweet about it (another reason to just follow us!) all of the time.  Teavolve  is a quaint little tea spot with interesting décor.  I call it interesting because I don’t know how to describe it.  (If you’ve been before and would like to give the description a go, feel free.)  It really attracts different crowds and has been successful in its years of existence.  They also have local acts on certain evenings and an awesome happy hour.  And really, I have to give them props…many restaurants open up in the Inner Harbor/Fells Point area, only to close shortly there after due to little or no business and lack of public interest.  I’m gonna go ahead and say that their success is because of their menu…the diversity and quality.

I’ve tried several items on the menu and have never been disappointed.  In the winter, I normally stick with the spiced chai latte and sweet potato tart for a warm and comforting treat.  But for the summer, I’ve found something a bit lighter to be obsessed with.  My new favorite from this local eatery is the crabmeat and egg croissant and apple and chicken salad.  Now while you may frown at the crab and egg sandwich, I’ll tell you like I told my friend.  I’m from Baltimore.  Crab, along with Old Bay, is like a universal condiment.  We eat crab with our eggs, crab on pretzels, crab in our soup and crab on our crab!

And they gave me TWO fruit cups! Sweet!

This meal has become an instant classic and I hope that its not seasonal.  Anyhow, the crab sandwich is an omelet style patty with the crab meat spread through the egg.  It’s on a decent sized croissant, but with a minimal amount of chipotle aioli to dress the bread.  If there was anything that I would improve on in this sandwich, it would definitely be adding more aioli to the bread.  No worries though…I always ask for an extra side, slather it on and get to work.

I like my crab with extra lump please!

Being the responsible adult that I am, I always like to include veggies into my meal somehow, even if it’s a simple salad.  If only this salad was simple…  The name “Apple and Chicken” salad seems fairly simple but its quite the opposite.  This salad is made with mixed field greens, thinly sliced Granny Smith apples (which are my absolute fave btw), seasoned chicken breast, walnuts, goat cheese (and while I’m not really a fan of soft cheeses, I’ve really gotten sweet on goat cheese here lately) and the piece de resistance, APPLE BUTTER VINAIGRETTE!!!  Please don’t be skeptical, this probably the most in-f*cking-genius salad dressing that anyone has ever come up with!  It was perfect in everyway.  Yeah, so I ordered a salad, with extra dressing of course!  I mean, its not like it was Caesar…extra apple butter can’t be THAT bad for you.

The salad with all of its apple buttery and goat cheesy goodness!!!

Per the usual, everything was delicious!  I mean I could eat this same meal, everyday…and if I don’t eat it everyday, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be visiting Teavolve, at least every weekend.  To finish up my meal, I had a red velvet cupcake.  It wasn’t the best cupcake I had ever had, but it did the trick and “lunch” still had me on a foodie high, so I wasn’t complaining.  So!  That brings this blog full circle…do I eat this other red velvet cupcake that I have waiting for me?  Hmm… Nah, its been a bit rainy and chilly out and I’m feeling a bit nostalgic.  I’m gonna warm up this sweet potato tart I picked up and have cup of coconut chai tea.  Delightful…

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Happy to have my weekends back!

Typically I play softball year-round and only have a few days to myself during the year between work and my social life outside of softball.  This year, after my summer league was over, I decided to take a break from softball, and actually have a few months to get my life together.  The past two weekends have been wonderful!  I’ve been able to hang out with my friends without dreading playing in a Sunday game with a possible hangover.  I’ve been able to just lay in bed all day because that’s what I wanted to do and had absolutely nothing else to do.   And most importantly, I’ve been able to cook and enjoy food again. With my newly freed up time, I’ve gone out to some local spots in Baltimore to try new things and get my fix for some favorites.  On Friday, I went to one of my area faves, Blue Hill Tavern.   It’s a bit of a neighborhood gem that’s becoming more and more popular as time goes on and with good reason.  It was there where I first had sous vide pork belly and they later broke my heart by letting me know that its seasonal.  I just wasn’t sure how that could be the case…bacon and ham aren’t seasonal.  Get with it!  Anyway, I met some friends at BHT so they could treat me to a belated birthday dinner. I always start my meal off with the calamari salad.  Blue Hill Tavern, by far, has the best calamari that I’ve ever had…EVER!  The good thing about this place is that their happy hour is pretty sweet too! It’s from 4pm-7pm with half off appetizers and drinks, along with other specials.

Cornmeal Crusted Calamari...Yummo!

Moving along, I always try to get something new in addition to my calamari.  I wasn’t feeling too hot, so I was looking for something that was light and not too risky.  I was already pushing it with the calamari.  I decided to try the menu option of “watermelon”.  That’s just how it was listed on the menu.  Then the description goes on to let you know that this aint your average watermelon.  In fact its, compressed watermelon layered with walnut-honey chutney, goat cheese and mache, topped with a walnut vinaigrette.  Now in case you were wondering was mache is (no worries, I just found out too), it’s a really mild type of lettuce and sometimes is referred to as lamb lettuce.


If I had to rank all of the menu items that I’ve had from BHT, it would go just like this… 1. Sous-vide pork belly, 2. Calamari Salad and 3. “Watermelon”.  I have this newfound obsession with goat cheeses, but never imagined eating it with watermelon.  The watermelon was extra sweet and the cheese was so creamy with a little bit of bite.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it as I type this.  Although, the chutney wasn’t as good as I imagined it to be…it really wasn’t sweet, the watermelon itself compensated for the lack there.  After the calamari, watermelon and a few rounds of Blue Hill Mojitos, the post-birthday celebration came to an end leaving us all in anticipation for the next occasion to meet back at Blue Hill.  More importantly, I’m in anticipation for the Fall so I can rustle me up a few plates of that pork belly!

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