Casey Brent, The Bacon Aficionado

Casey Brent, The Bacon Aficionado

Three days after I was born, I sat in my grandmother’s lap gumming a piece of cantaloupe. If I had to pinpoint when my love affair with food began, it would have been as the only newborn in my play group who was already on solid foods. Growing up, I spent time watching my grandmother cook, licking icing bowls and throwing away pans of my mother’s burnt lasagna.

I’m really not sure if learning how to cook was out of curiosity or necessity, but the main things to know about me are:

  1. Butter is a must!
  2. My creations are by taste and not by recipe.
  3. I believe the best things in life are free; therefore I’m on a one woman crusade to get bacon on the list of those “best things”. ♥

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3 responses to “Casey Brent, The Bacon Aficionado

  1. Amanda

    You definitely learned how to cook out of necessity. I certainly remember when your Mama wasn’t the only one who couldn’t cook..smh.

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  3. thebaconaficionado

    LMAO! If you spray enough Pam in the pan, you CAN fry fish!

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