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Lindsey and JT’s Epic Road Trip Extravaganza Part 2: Not All Camp Stoves are Created Equal, Tasty Camp Breakfast is Tasty, & Wow! That’s a Lotaburger!

Night 1 (7/11/11)
Good news: I survived night one. Bad news: night one’s dinner consisted of grapes, peanut butter & jelly, gatorade, cupcakes, and half a beer.

Okay, so it doesn’t seem that bad. But when you consider why that was our dinner, it’s just plain sad. Upon removing the camp stove that Jesse loaned us from the back of the car, we were rather surprised to discover that the stove is fuel-powered and not propane powered. Too bad all we had was propane. After much frustration and fear of blowing everything up, JT figured out how to get it lit, but by then we were just annoyed and hungry. Cue the sandwiches. This would have been fine, save for the swarms of stupid moths that wouldn’t leave us the hell alone.

Seriously, of all the creepy crawly growly rattle-y potential pests awaiting us at our campsite, we were attacked by moths??? Once a moth landed on my cupcake, I’d had enough, and opened a beer. Which I didn’t finish, because there was lightning in the distance, and quite frankly, I was just tired. So it was off to bed, but not before many many prayers that we wouldn’t be attacked by bears or fire ants.

Thus ends night one. Continue reading


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