Lindsey Lieberman, M.M., Badass

One score and eight years ago, G-d bestowed upon civilization a blessing like no other:
Lindsey Effing Lieberman.

LFL is, in a word, magic. Her gastronomic expertise is a unique combination of southern Protestant soul food and 6,000+ years of traditional Jewish cooking. Having spent most of her childhood and early adulthood in her grandmother’s kitchen, LFL acquired all of her extraordinary culinary prowess through mere observation. She’ll bake a perfect ham, serve it with tsimmes and green beans, and offer you chocolate covered bacon for dessert.

Some folks need a dollop of fairy dust to pull off fabulous meals. But LFL knows better. She knows that with the right three ingredients, anything is possible:

  1. Butter
  2. Zataar
  3. Old Bay

Of course, a little glitter never hurts either.

So watch out, Casey Brent. LFL’s people have been winning wars for millenia…and there’s a good chance she’ll win this one, too.

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