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I need a shirt that says “I survived the pretentious tornado”

Previously, on Ham Hocks and Latke Drops…

LFL’s plans for a pretentiously delectable dinner of fruit, cheese, and bread were foiled by an equally pretentious thunderstorm, rife with tornado sirens, hail, and lightning. Rather than grab all of the just-cut fruit and cheese, LFL, along with her trusty sidekick JT, chose instead to pack up the adorable Lucycat and head for shelter in an SMU practice room.

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After checking the radar, we decided that it was safe to head home right around the time I finished last night’s post. No sooner than we made it upstairs to the door, however, did we realize that it was not at all safe to leave yet–the rain was coming down in sheets, and the lightning was just a little too close for comfort.

So we sat down in the lobby to wait. The lobby, mind you, is all kinds of glassy and atrium-tastic. But we wanted to be ready to run to the car just as soon as possible, so there we sat: JT checking weather radar on his iPad; me replying to Facebook comments from my Blackberry; and Lucy all hemmed up at the back corner of her carrier, skeptically eyeing the water that I had just given her. Hell, I don’t blame the skepticism. I cut the bottom off a red plastic cup and filled it with water from the fountain. Poor cat.

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Pretentious dinner is one-upped by pretentious tornado

SMU practice rooms aren’t just for meth labs anymore. Tonight was supposed to be filled with Glee, beer, and pretentious dinner. Instead, we’re under a tornado watch. So JT and I, along with my cat Lucy and the new Gaga album, are spending it in a practice room at SMU.

smu practice rooms: not just for meth labs anymore

Meth lab, what?

Thanks a lot, stupid weather.  At 9:10 p.m., University Park was getting close to the red zone…

You might as well call Lucy "Toto"

You might as well call Lucy "Toto"

We’re going to be here until at least 10:00. Which means that we’re not going to get to eat until after 10:00. Well, the people aren’t going to get to eat…Lucy has treats. Tasty, cat approved, Whisker Lickins Crunch Lovers treats, to be exact. But something tells me that no one is interested in what kind of treats Lucy enjoys. So I’ll tell you about Pretentious Dinner instead…
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