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Ten foods in your kitchen that contain gruesome poisons

A coworker posted this on Facebook today.

And apparently my cashew allergy isn’t completely useless. Making the list at number nine is…Cashews! Eeeeek!!! (cue evil sinister music)

Cashews contain urushiol. Doesn’t sound very deadly – more like a minor orc in Lord of the Rings – but it’s found in something feared by campers everywhere. Poison Ivy contains urushiol, and everyone knows what it does. Now imagine eating it. Cashews are only bad for you if you eat a huge amount, but urushiol reactions do happen to workers in plants where cashews are processed all day.

This also provides excellent fodder for Casey’s crusade for bacon. It might even be one of the few foods that won’t kill you! Well, I mean, it will kill you eventually, but doesn’t everything?

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