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In Texas, “Fried” is a legit food group

In Texas, we have the following food groups: barbeque, meat, beer, and fried. It’s what I love most about living here.

I mean seriously, who can resist eating something called El Bananarito?

a deep fried banana rolled in a flour tortilla, topped with whipped cream, powdered sugar, a dusting of cinnamon, and a touch of vanilla extract. Top it off with your choice of smooth, hot caramel or decadent chocolate syrup.

Not me, that’s for damn sure.

And even if we don’t really have seasons in Texas, at least we can have a Fried Autumn Pie:

puff pastry infused with a scrumptious combination of pumpkin, cream cheese, powdered sugar, and fall spices. Deep fried and rolled in ginger, cinnamon, and sugar.

Want to see the full list? Head over to Pegasus News.

I ate my way through the fair two years ago, and I’m about to do it again.


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