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How to Stock Your Spice Rack (or Cabinet in My Case) for Ethnic Meals — Middle Eastern Edition

If you haven’t figure it out by now, Lindsey and I cook almost everything and we’re not afraid to try new things.  Here recently I’ve been on a lamb kick, but I really don’t have a good spice set to compliment it.  I love Middle Eastern food, but was a bit intimidated because I wasn’t 100% sure what to buy.  And really…I wasn’t up for searching for spices and herbs and sauces and whatnot at the Trader Joes and Whole Foods of the world; I wanted it from the source.  Lucky for me, there is a store around the corner from me that has everything your heart could desire.

Bon Appétit ran an article some time ago that highlighted your essential Middle Eastern spices and while I was able to find most of them, I still haven’t found the aleppo pepper.  And I learned the hard way that you can buy everyone’s ras-el-hanout…kinda like you can’t eat everyone’s potato salad.  But back to the article, check it out and the first thing you should do is get that pomegranate molasses on some lamb.  The second thing is to add these spices to your gluttony arsenal if you dont have them already:  cumin, cardamom, anise seed, tumeric, sumac and caraway.  They’ll help you in other dishes too!

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