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Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Red Velvet Cupcakes Oh My!

If you live on the East Coast, you’re probably wondering what in the hell we did this week to piss Mother Earth off. I’m not too moved by so-called natural disasters because the only thing I can do is prepare. I can’t do anything about them otherwise. I’m more concerned about getting stuck in the house without food, wine and toilet paper. So once the aftershocks wore off, I found myself celebrating Hurricane Irene’s imminent arrival with my co-workers over a few rounds of drinks.

Count 'Em...Irish Car Bombs

I really had no need to worry, after all, it was my plan to be held up at Harrah’s in Atlantic City, NJ making a living on the blackjack table. In comes the dream stompers (Harrah’s)… Friday afternoon just as I’m getting excited about leaving town for a few days, the hotel calls and cancels the reservation unless we can get there before 4pm. What the what!?!? Now I have to come up with a gameplan to hunker down and wait out this storm at my house…without the comforts of room service.

NYC, Irene's on her way!

On my lunch break, I headed over to the local Target (typically a lunchtime hangout spot of mine) just to get a few things for the weekend. My fridge was empty because I had just come back from Miami and hadnt had a chance to go to the grocer. I lie to myself, saying I’m just gonna get some water, a few non-perishables and cleaning products. Yeah…no such luck. I go straight for the water aisle because I know people are buying it up like crazy to find that all of the “cheap” water is gone and two women are literally fighting over the last two one-gallon jugs of Target brand water.

Fiji to refresh my palette and Evian to bathe in...Ahh, the finer things in life.

Let’s just say that Target was having a sale on food…I think they were just trying to get it out of there in the event they lost power. I ended up getting my high-end water and everything else from raspberries (which I’ll be using to make my Berry Cherry Brie tomorrow) to Totino’s Pizza Rolls (they were $.68 a box!!!) and topped it off with ingredients to make red velvet cupcakes from scratch. Who knew Target sold cake flour??? I figured, if I was gonna be shut in for the weekend, why not cook for 20. So Friday night, I start working on the cupcakes. I’ll spare you the details of the recipe and just list the one that I use. I love Ina Garten…all of her recipes are just so rich. It’s like when you’re making something that needs that extra umph, Ina has a recipe for it. Check out her lobster rolls. That’s one of my faves. Anyhow, I used this recipe and frosting (insert link), with a few KC style tweaks and came out with the most amazing product. I’ve eaten a half-dozen already.

The Hurricane has since arrived and is baring down on Baltimore with all that she has. The wind is shaking my house and the rain is battering the windows, but as long as the electricity stays on, I’m good. Since I had my decadent dessert waiting, I figured it was ok to whip up some store bought tortellini and Prego. That meal was just the fix I needed before I dove in. But I couldn’t dive in just yet. My little hurricane companion Gypsy was clocking my every move just knowing that I was going to give her a cupcake too. WRONG! I don’t share my food with the help. But what I did do, because sometimes she’s a pretty spectacular dog, was stop at Dogma and buy her a cupcake of her own so we could have our at the same time.

One for puppy and one for mommy

Success! I could eat my cupcakes in peace and she would be happy.

An occupied puppy equals a happy mommy

After that, I’ve put myself on a cupcake limit and we’re weathering out the storm.  Let’s hope that everything and everyone stays safe. Stay tuned for my brie post.

Now that she's eaten, apparently this hurricane isn't THAT serious...

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