I Support the Arts. Do You?

Supporting the Arts isn’t just about watching the proverbial fat lady sing a rousing interpretation of some angry German aria, watching Juliet fall in ohmygodsomuch love with Romeo, making the annual pilgrimage to the local high school’s production of the Nutcracker, or pretending to understand why a blob of paint represents human frailty. It’s also about drinking. Don’t believe me? Here’s why you should:

It takes more than just a good plot line and a few attractive performers to make an opera/ballet/movie/theater performance a success. And that “more” is “props”. A prop might be a chair, or a table cloth, or a sand-filled toy wombat covered in fake blood. No, seriously. That happened. But sometimes (and more often than not), a prop is also a 12-pack of Budweiser or a pile of empty liquor bottles.

As I may or may not have mentioned in earlier posts, JT is the Prop Master for the Theatre department at SMU. It’s a ridiculously awesome job–he gets to paint giant wooden glittery sheep, make spider web guns, tuft ottomans, and fashion giant flyswatters out of storage bin lids

(that was my idea)

Once, he transformed my super old, hideous couch into a badass spandex-covered couch for The Skriker. Shout-out to Aleisha Force, btw, for her awesomeness in the title role.

before: perpetually slip-covered couch

after: eek! there's a skriker in that couch!

Want to see more of JT’s awesomeness? Go here.

For the upcoming production of Alice Underground, the director has requested empty liquor bottles. That the actors will throw into a trashcan. Call me crazy, but throwing a bunch of glass bottles into a trashcan each night seems like a terrible idea. JT agrees, and being the safety-first guy that he is, he decided that the bottles should probably be plastic.

And how does one amass empty plastic liquor bottles, exactly? Well…by emptying plastic liquor bottles. And since liquor gets pretty expensive, it’s [sadly] best to get the cheap stuff. Besides, it looks more authentic when the cast is a group of college students.

supporting the arts, one crappy plastic bottle of liquor at a time

Now I’m not saying that we will consume all of this, but I am saying that all of the bottles need to be empty by Wednesday, and as I said at the beginning of this post, I support the Arts. Not to mention if you have enough ginger ale and limes, even the grossest bourbon is manageable (although the Beam is just fine). The tequila though, that’s a whole ‘nother story. One that ended my freshman year with the question, “How many Baldwin girls does it take to kill a bottle of tequila?”

So again I say, I support the Arts. Do you?

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