Baby I’m back!

Hello world!  Have you missed me?  I hope to be back soon…and permanently.  To continue a week of short posts a la Lieberman, I had just a bit of time to make a dish and write briefly about it.  Friday night’s adventures consist of working (from home of course…there’s no oven in my office, although I wish there was…anyway…), unpacking from a very recent move (I have a roommate moving in on Sunday and ALL of my clothes are in her room) and things to even out the boredom between the two previous tasks.

I’ve been craving tacos and peach cobbler all week.  So I decided to give the peach cobbler a go because I knew I already had the ingredients at the house and the last thing I wanted to do was spend my precious Friday afternoon hours fighting some stay-at-home mom over the last jar of El Paso Taco Sauce (not really MY brand of choice, but what came to mind)!  Disclaimer:  I normally have a well planned out recipe when I bake because I’m not as good a baker as I am a cooker.  But I said, to hell with it today!  Not only am I going to skip a recipe, I’m gonna do this all in one dish!  *shout out to LFL*  To add an addendum to the disclaimer, I do the bulk of my cooking by taste, and this dish is done the same way.  The only measurement in this recipe is 1 tablespoon of cornstarch; too much and your fruit gravy gets gooey and too little, it stays runny.

When I got home, I took the pie crust and peaches out of the freezer.  YES THEY WERE STORE BOUGHT!  (Didn’t you just read that in the process of unpacking.)  Moving along…I threw the peaches in a small rectangle dish with enough dark brown sugar to make them sweet and cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg, all to taste.  You can either kick these up or tone them down as you see fit.  I then thought about the frozen blackberries I had leftover and threw some of those in the dish too.

I literally just dumped everything in one dish!

While waiting for the oven to preheat, I put the dish at the back of the stove to aid in the thawing of the peaches and blackberries.

Let it marinate...well melt really.

Once the oven is ready make sure you stir all of the ingredients thoroughly but not too rough.  You want to keep the berries intact.


Roll your dough over the mixture…and because this is a cobbler, you really don’t need a bottom.  Seal the dish with the crust and decorate the edges however you see fit.  I went for a rustic look tonight.  Rustic=I’m lazy, but I want to sound like I’m a chef.  Make sure all the edges are sealed and poke holes in the top to allow steam to escape. And you’re done!

"Rustic" but purty...

Check out Mary Julia in the kitchen!

REMIX:  Now, just because I like to turn ish up a bit at times, I added an extra two steps for a sweeter, crustier crust.  My father’s father makes the best cherry pies from scratch and at the end; he always brushes the tops with milk and sprinkles sugar on top.

It the best match for a tart cherry pie!  So take just enough milk brush the crust and use whatever type of granulated sugar you like.  I chose a granulated raw cane sugar.  Yum!


Happy Friday folks!  I hope yours came out as good as mine!

Waiting for this ish to cool is the pits!

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