I’m feeling lucky

People search for the funniest things.

No seriously. I was checking our site stats today, and all I can think is that folks who found our blog must have done so through Google’s “I’m feeling lucky” feature.

First, the basic searches:

  • ham hocks and latke drops
  • lindsey hock cullinary blog
  • casey brent
  • hamhocksand latke drops
  • hamhocksandlatkedrops twitter
  • http://www.hamhocksandlatkedrops.com/
  • lindsey lieberman blog
  • hamhocks and latke

Now for the fun ones:

  • chambord pitcher
  • “do you ever feel like your cat is judging you” mdk
  • hannah hart glasses
  • why do i have to make dinner
  • tinfoil
  • ham hock cocktail food

Though I must say, it’s kind of flattering to know that people visited our blog while on the hunt for the one and only Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen.

It’s like we’re famous or something!


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4 responses to “I’m feeling lucky

  1. thebaconaficionado

    OK. #1, I need to work on understanding our stats a bit more. #2, I’m weirded out that someone typed “casey brent” and hit “I’m feeling lucky”. At least your name has “blog” after it! That is all!

    • honestly not sure if someone used the i’m feeling lucky button. but it’s kind of hilarious no matter how people found our blog.

      we’ll have a stats lesson soon.

  2. Aisha

    Just because I was curious I typed in Casey Brent and hit I’m feeling lucky. It took me to your bio on your work website.

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