Thanks guys!

Tell me what you eat, and I’ll tell you who you are,” wrote renowned gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin in 1825.

To take on a more serious tone, this quote embodies how this blog started.  Lindsey and I love food, simply put.  We love the way it tastes, the kitchy gadgets that are used, mixing flavors, how it does and doesn’t define us, using my stove during the summer when I’d much rather just make a salad and doing out of the ordinary things like grilling watermelon!

Since starting this blog in May, we’ve received over 1,600 hits, have 21 subscribers and 21 Twitter subscribers.  At first it was “cool”, but the more interest we received, the more inspired we became.  Although we are the new kids on the block, we’ve gotten some pretty big publicity in the cyberworld already.

Not these guys!

Check out this ish!  A local blog gave us a shout out for recommending a cultural event.  Everyday we seem to have a new subscriber and or some new traffic on the site.  So continue to read our blog at work and laugh so your co-workers ask you whats so funny.  Continue to use our recipes to wow the crowds.  Continue to read Lindsey’s posts about what NOT to do as you drive cross-country!  *See 12-part series*  Lol!

This blog has consumed our lives very quickly and unexpectedly, but we’re ready to ignore the suitcase that hasn’t been unpacked since I returned from Miami in April and the idiots that ask if they can have W, X, Y, and or Z when they are all the same thing and the answer is no, to continue to grow our awesomeness!

We are much appreciative of our fans and will continue to amuse you and share our love affair with food.  If you’re reading this blog for the first time (or by clicking through Twitter or Facebook), do yourself a favor and SUBSCRIBE!  Thanks again guys.  Stay tuned for more antics from Casey and Lindsey…



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  1. yay, congrats on all of your quick success peeps! Really happy for you. Much more fun things to come soon I’m sure of it! You guys are off to a seriously smoking start!

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