Lindsey and JT’s Epic Road Trip Extravaganza Part 5: There’s Only One Jew at This Table!

Day 5 (7/15/11)
Know what’s awesome? Food.
Know what else is awesome? Jew Food.

Which is what I ate Friday night.

Prior to devouring some seriously tasty dinner, I spent the day playing Aunt Lindsey with Zoe and Ethan. And what does every good aunt from out of town do? Take the kids to Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast, give Zoe a violin lesson while Ethan watches movie, go swimming, and top off the day with tasty treats from Dairy Queen. Oh, and end up with a ridiculous, uneven sunburn. I also realized that I am without a doubt a grownup–the kids kept climbing on me in the pool and yelling for me to throw them. But here’s the problem: I’m kind of little. So they ended up being thrown *at most* three feet. But it was fun.

On to the evening.

JT saw an episode of Man vs. Food, in which Adam Richman visited Chompie’s in Arizona for the Chompie’s Ultimate Slider Challenge:

One dozen of our famous Jewish sliders filled with moist lean brisket, mini potato pancakes, and Jack cheese.
Served with a side of brown gravy and our homemade onion strings. 5 lbs. of Deli-licious

Take this challenge (Dine in Only) by finishing this meal by yourself within 30 minutes and get it free!


It’s like you’re eating the chosen slider (unless you keep kosher, then you’re just out of luck). And ohmygod was it good!

JT got the standard three-slider order, but *gasp!* he could only finish two of them. Lucky for JT (and 6,000 years of culinary superiority) I had no problem putting away that third slider–in addition to my order of Smoked Salmon Tapas:

Four (4) crisp mini potato pancakes topped with a shmear of sour cream and a generous portion of sauteed nova lox, and garnished with a tomato, cucumber, onion medley and capers.

Smoked Salmon Tapas? Loxkes?

Oh. Hell. Yes. All of a sudden, it was like a return of The Mouth that Walks. I was on a tasty food-binging roll, and no one could stop me. I almost forgot to take pictures!

Brianne ordered Jackie’s Dippin Sandwich,

Hot roast beef simmered in beef jus, served on a grilled club roll.

but quickly admitted defeat as well. I told her she should’ve gotten something more Jewish, but she just wouldn’t listen.

So in the end, I was able to victoriously exclaim, “clearly there’s only one Jew at this table!” Hey, the other people in the restaurant may have been a little surprised by my outburst, but I don’t care. I’m all kinds of winning, duh.

I probably could have eaten another plate of the latkes and sliders, but it was time to go see Harry Potter. Because yes, I am such a nerd that I pre-ordered tickets after confirming that we would be in Arizona on opening night.

That’s just about it for recapping the epic!road!trip!. There’s only one more post left, in which we review the finer points of grownup-edness, like refusing to cook dinner, consuming an entire package of striped cookies, and drinking cocktails out of water bottles.


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