Holding on like Gorilla Glue to my 20’s…

On July 23, 1599, Caravaggio had his paintings publicly commissioned for the first time. On July 23, 1798, Napolean captured Alexandria. On July 23, 1904, the ice cream cone was created by Charles E Menches. And on July 23, 1982, the world was graced with the birth of Casey Brent! Yay!

So because I’m lamenting the last year of my twenties, I decided to keep it really low key this year with the celebrations. This will give me a whole year to recoup and prepare for the big 3-0. Towards the end of the week, I thought I’d be a lame-o if I wasn’t at least celebrating when the clock hit midnight on the 23rd. So after a crazy day at work, sitting in the hair dresser’s forever, and then dropping groceries off to my aunt, I managed to make it home with JUST enough time to get ready, get out the door and get a drink in my hand before 11:59pm on July 22nd.


The night ends with a Belvedere shout out to my favorite Baltimore promoter and driving to “Da Block”, more affectionately known as Stripper’s Row to get one of the best chicken cheesesteaks ever made. Crazy John’s is the go to place to feed your late night greasy craving…and the surefire way to prevent a hangover. The restaurant, and I use that term VERY loosely, is nestled in between a strip club and another “restaurant” that specializes in chicken, but strangely is also a liquor store.

Anyhow, my friend and I get to Crazy John’s to find the normal mix of strippers and “patrons” awaiting their midnight hour food fix. Despite the numerous cat calls we always get

and even an invitation to work for a pimp,

its worth waiting for that chicken cheesesteak. *I have affidavits swearing to the goodness of a Crazy John’s chicken cheesesteak* Moving along, I get the cheesesteak and split some fresh fries (fries so good that we burn our mouths eating them every time) with Mia on the ride home.

Minus the hot dogs...I can't vouch for these. Bleh!

With about 8 hours left before I have to get up and start planning for my birthday gathering, I make it home and devoured my meal. An important fact that I left out…and really the point of this post was that on Thursday I changed my mind from getting a birthday cake, to getting birthday cupcakes. I had these cupcakes at a friend’s baby shower and was instantly hooked, so I knew JUST who to to go to. I was hoping that she worked with short notice. SUCCESS! She did! Kendria, of Kendria’s Kupkakes, whipped up 1 dozen each of vanilla and chocolate with buttercream icing cupcakes and another dozen of red velvet to appease the birthday girl.

It was a cute little flower

During my birthday celebration, the cupcakes received rave reviews, so much so that I had to have my cousin hide a few for me to savor later. Later meaning…Sunday…Monday…and Today!

For the birthday girl!

Overall, I had a delightfully eventful birthday for it to be so laid back. I ended the weekend with a great party, mixing old friends and new, fabulous cupcakes, catching the winning out for my softball team and going to the championships, AND adding to my liquor cabinet [that rivals most small bars] some Lucid Absinthe and Belvedere Intense.

Look for the cateyes in the back...

Pretty damn sweet if you ask me!


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3 responses to “Holding on like Gorilla Glue to my 20’s…

  1. This post is everything that I simultaneously love and hate about Baltimore! Dallas needs a restaurant/liquor store, stat.

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  3. Tell that pimp that you already have a pimp ho. 🙂 Those cupcakes look delish.

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