Lindsey and JT’s Epic Road Trip Extravaganza Part 4: We Didn’t Start the Fire. No, seriously, we didn’t.

Night 3 (7/13/11)
To make up for extra time spent in Santa Fe, we decided to skip Canyon de Chelly and camp in the Coconino instead. It was closer to Phoenix, which meant we’d have time to hike the Blue Ridge Reservoir in the morning before hitting the road again. Bonus: the weather was way cooler. Downside: we wouldn’t get to the campsite before dark, which meant that all setup and fire starting would be done with flashlights only. We were okay with that…in theory…

JT and I were super excited that there wasn’t a burn ban, and we would be able to cook over a real fire, rather than the finicky fuel stove. But since we got to the campsite after dark, we didn’t get a chance to find the ranger’s office and therefore buy wood. So we did what any good campers would do–we set out with some seriously false confidence; found a bunch of downed branches, leaves, and a few decent fire logs left by the previous campers; and began what would be a ridiculously futile attempt at starting a fire that stayed lit for longer than three minutes.

It’s all fun and games until you have to eat a lukewarm hot dog because the fire died and the stove wouldn’t stay lit.

Defeated, tired, and cold, we gave up and went to bed. Cue the dream sequence:

At some point late into the night, I had a (very realistic, mind you) dream that a bear was outside our tent, pawing at the door to get in. I tried to wake up JT, but he wouldn’t budge, which made me even angrier.

It took me awhile to wake up and realize that it was just a dream, but when I finally did, I woke JT up anyway, told him I was pissed that he didn’t wake up when I told him there was a bear outside, and then I fell back asleep.

Day 4 (7/14/11)
“At least now I know what kind of camp stove I don’t want.” Well said, boyfriend.

The damn stove wouldn’t light, then it wouldn’t stay lit, then it barely stayed lit and took forever to cook some eggs and bacon. We finally got the food cooked enough to not give us salmonella, and after eating, broke down camp and went exploring. And ohmygod it was beautiful!

trees + water + mountains = one very happy lindsey

There's a reason I don't have a fire-making badge on that shirt.

After a few hours of hiking and my signature compulsive picture-taking, we were on our way to Phoenix. Hooray!! The rest of my trip would be spent with my friend Brianne (whom I’ve known for a good 18 years but hadn’t seen in about 4) and her family, and JT would spend the rest of his time at a Props Masters conference.

Before heading to Brianne’s, I joined JT for a quick beer at his conference’s meet & greet at Gordon Biersch. Didn’t get any pictures, but I did try a beer and a few appetizers:

  • The Schwarzbier was definitely good
  • Gorgonzola potato wedges seemed burned, so I just ate the gorgonzola and left the potato wedges
  • Grilled asparagus, is, well, grilled asparagus. Nothing special–I was aiming for just something in the vegetable category

About an hour and a half later I found myself meeting Brianne’s 7 year old son for the first time, and seeing her 9 year old daughter for the first time since she was just 10 months old. The two of them are complete clones of their mother and her siblings, which is unbelievably amusing.

And so ended day four of the trip. Up next: a day of Aunt Lindsey fun with the kids, complete with donuts and ice cream.

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