Lindsey and JT’s Epic Road Trip Extravaganza Part 1: I Fought the Brisket and the Brisket Won

JT and I have embarked on our epic!road!and!outdoor!trip!, which means that we’re planning to eat all sorts of tasty foods. Which states are we driving through, you ask?

  • Texas
  • New Mexico
  • Arizona

And apparently the trip involves a rather intense outdoor component, too:

Did I mention that I’m ridiculously high maintenance? Sure hope JT knows what he’s gotten himself into…

Now for the food!! First stop, barbecue at The Branding Iron, in Witchita Falls, TX.

My friend Jason always raves about The Branding Iron, and lucky for me and JT, it’s on the way to Amarillo! House-down, it was the best barbecue I’ve ever eaten. It was also a rather, er, “authentic” restaurant. And by that, I mean, “there’s a good possibility we might be chased out with pitchforks.” Thankfully that didn’t happen.

i can haz bbq?

i can haz bbq?

What did happen, however, was tasty brisket magic. Somehow I thought that a plate was the same as a sandwich, except with sides. Sooooo not the case. It was just meat, meat, and meat, with a smattering of potato and macaroni salads. I made a valiant effort to eat it all, and JT even ate some of mine in addition to his (wisely chosen) brisket sandwich, but in the end the brisket won. That round, at least. Because I took the leftovers with me.



Though now that we’ve been back in the car for two hours and passed through tiny towns with silly names like Quanah, Chillicothe, and Oklaunion, I’m getting pretty hungry again, and I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m about to polish off the rest of it.

Edit: The brisket may have won round one, but I just ate the hell out of the rest. With only my hands and a piece of toast. Success!!


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