Finally! A grown-up meal!

Well, not really. But I get points for trying, right?   In my defense, I’d like to point out that, (a) I didn’t have a working oven for two months, (b) My oven is freakishly small, (c) My kitchen is also freakishly small, (d) I don’t have a dishwasher, and (e) I don’t get paid until Thursday.

Did I mention I had to mark the temperature dial with glitter glue?

Even my oven is glittery

Now that that’s out of the way.

In addition to pretentious dinner, my diet has pretty much been forced to rely on foods that can be made on the stove, grilled, or microwaved. Read: I’ve been eating like a college student for the past two months. Grilled cheese, read beans and rice, hot dogs, spaghetti…tasty, yet not very substantial. But that all ended tonight. I finally made a meal (sort of)!

On the menu: barbeque chicken, oven-roasted potatoes with Old Bay, peas, and bread & butter. Although this seemed like an easy enough dinner, I realized that I would have to figure out the easiest, laziest way to cook it all. You see, a tiny oven and lack of dishwasher means that not much can be cooked at the same time, and damn it, I don’t want to wash a bunch of dishes later. And by “later,” I probably mean, “three days from now.” But with a little ingenuity, I figured out a solution: whatever I ended up making, I would try to make in just one dish.

One dish, two foods, hopefully one big success.

So how did it go?

Well, first there was the dish lining. One big dish, and two pieces of tinfoil sectioning it all off nicely.

Dish, meet tinfoil.

Then I drowned the cheap $2 chicken from Fiesta in some cheap barbeque sauce from Walmart, and threw it in the oven while I prepped the potatoes.

I never said this was a completely homemade dinner. Don't judge the cheap sauce.

Very little is needed to make decent potatoes. Slice a potato (I used a white one because it was on sale), add some kosher salt and oil, and finish with Old Bay. Whatever you do, don’t forget the Old Bay.


Things got a little scary when I couldn’t find the Old Bay. Luckily it surfaced. Otherwise, I would’ve had to scrap the entire meal.

Milk and honey? Nope--Old Bay!!

Apparently it expired in 2008? Whatever, I bet my Grannie used the same damn container for a good 10 years.


And after about 45 minutes or so, I had real food!


Not only did I make real food, but I even used a real plate! Best part: I ended up making enough for two meals, *and* I was able to use the tinfoil to wrap everything up before putting it in the fridge. Easiest, least messy dinner, ever.

Whoa. Food on a real plate!


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One response to “Finally! A grown-up meal!

  1. thebaconaficionado

    Lol. I think my grandmother had a 10 yr old canister of Old Bay too! That’s like the universal Maryland condiment. I use it in eggs, veggies, on chicken, my fries; basically anything except fruit! Your barbeque chicken has inspired me to hit the grill this weekend! Happy 4th!

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