Just call me Sangria San Juan

That kinda sounds like a strippers name, and although it was hot and muggy enough to make you want to strip when we arrived in Puerto Rico, I can assure you that I had on more clothes than Rihanna wore in her last three concerts combined.  The past few weeks leading up to the trip, I did nothing but research restaurants and dream up fictious Puerto Rican food concoctions.  While I had things that I definitely wanted to try, I came across several things that I hadn’t even thought about…hadn’t even imagined.  I figured this post would be a good follow up to Lindsey’s “Thirsty Thursdays”.  We’ll call this Sweet Sippin’ Saturdays!

Upon arriving at La Concha and looking around a bit, we were eager to get out and do some sightseeing.  Unfortunately, we weren’t visiting during the dry season and were caught in the middle of a 45 minute torrential downpour.  So we decided to eat at one of the restaurants at the hotel…this was our “go to” for the remainder of the trip.  We were greeted by a very attentive and gracious staff and they were willing to suggest or caution against certain items on the menu.  …Too bad Amanda kept getting that tough a** chicken sandwich!

Anyhow, our waiter David (pronounced Dah-veed) was enthusiastic in his recommendation the Chambord Sangria.  And while I’m no red wine connoisseur, I said what the hell and went for it…went for it so much that I ended up spending $60 on a pitcher.  La Chambord SangriaThis was a novel idea!  Why had I not heard of this in the US before???  It only makes sense to add a fruit based liqueur to a fruit based drink.  Pineapple was not only used as a garnish but it was soaked with Chambord, which made for a delish snack while drinking.  The raspberry sweetness added to the somewhat muted flavor of the wine.  You got all of the Chambord, but on the back end, you could taste the wine and the fruit.  IM HOOKED!  This became our staple drink for the duration of the trip…for meals…poolside…and in place of water when we needed hydration.

I then proceeded to dive into several pitchers in hopes to figure out the ratio of ingredients.  I think I may have it, but I’m gonna throw a curveball by using white wine as a base instead.  After driving around Baltimore for forever and realizing no one sells a normal sized bottle of Chambord, I was ready to get this sangria crackin’!  The mini bottle actually worked perfect for this.  Find the recipe below…it makes one pitcher (but keep in mind to make this at least one, but no more than 5 days in advance if you’re adding fruit):The ingredients

ͽ  2 bottles of Spanish white wine (it can be inexpensive, you’ll be sweetening this later)

ͽ  1/5 of a fifth of Brandy

ͽ  ½ cup of orange liqueur (I like to use a Spanish one, Torres, but Grand Marnier works just fine)

ͽ  375ml Chambord

ͽ  1 c of orange juice, sans pulp!

ͽ  1 apple sliced very thin (you can add or substitute any light fruit…peaches, white grapes and pineapple work well)

ͽ  simple syrup, to taste (to make, boil equal parts sugar and water and let cool first)

Let it marinate!

Mix well and let sit overnight, at least.

PS:  Also, this recipe does produce a slightly strong (not a watered down restaurant) version, so all ingredients can be adjusted to suite your personal taste.  Gypsy says, bottoms up!


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2 responses to “Just call me Sangria San Juan

  1. Here’s the problem with Chambord: it’s kind of a truth serum. Put a little bit into a frosty pint glass of Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, and you have a recipe for some seriously honest conversation. I ❤ it like whoa. Now I'm gonna have to try this sangria concoction and test its truthiness.

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