How do you celebrate officially having 10 whole blog subscribers???

Only by writing an uber-lengthy post about the culinary gift to the world that comes as close to my obsession with bacon as one can get…CHEESE!!!  (Now stay focused because I may jump around a bit before I bring this cheese wheel full circle.  Ha!  Get it?  Wheel?  Circle?  Lol.  Cheesy, I know…  Ok, I’ll stop now.)

*Insert fuzzy haze phasing out to a childhood memory here* My love affair with cheese began as a child.  I would watch my grandfathers cut slices off of various cheddar cheese brands (always extra sharp) and get a piece when I wasn’t being bothersome.  Soon I graduated to my own blocks, with my preference in Cracker Barrel.

Aged Reserve of course...

But little did I know that I was barely scraping top of the barrel of cheesy goodness.

Fast forward about 20 years (I’m only 28!)…and I’ve tried well over 50 different types of cheese with cheddar still reigning as #1.  I keep my eye out for BOGO sales of Cracker Barrel cheese and stock up like I’m hoarding Mickey and his crew.  And The Melting Pot has become one of my favorite restaurants simply because I can get cheese fondue at my whim.

Anyhow, my cheese cravings often come out of nowhere and without warning…like today.  But the strange thing is one day I was walking down the street in LA and out of all of the taco places, sushi restaurants and other random eateries, I was craving a regular old American cheese, grilled cheese sandwich…and it wouldn’t go away.  A block or two later, as if it was a gift from the stomach gods, I randomly run across this truck with an enormous line snaking down the sidewalk.  It was the infamous (if you’re from LA) The Grilled Cheese Truck!!!

Officially dubbed the "Cheese Snake"...

What a novel damn idea…for both the consumer and the business!!!  This company had created a mobile marketing device and could supply it’s customer’s cheese fix on demand.  I had never prayed a day before in my life, but my prayers had been answered…mobile food and a mobile food station full of cheese sandwiches at that!

Now I had been introduced to this concept maybe a year or so ago in Baltimore, where this lady rode her bike around the Harbor with a cupcake stand attached to the back.  And although it was a bit of a shoddy set up (and I don’t think she had a license because she was constantly on the move), the cupcakes were like crack!  Baltimore hasn’t quite grasped the concept fully, but DC has.  Have you ever heard of Truckeroo?  If you haven’t, you’re probably missing out on one of the best damn food festivals in the area…EVERY MONTH!  It runs from June to October, once a month and features food from the best food trucks in the ‘hood.

While Baltimore does have some magnificent eateries, it hasn’t cornered the mobile food market.  What they have done however is become the birthplace of one of the best damn grilled cheese shops south of the Mason-Dixon Line!  Grilled Cheese & Co. satisfies even the most discerning cheese addicts taste for ooey gooey goodness!  Their selections range from the classic grilled cheese to crabby melts to salads for the weight conscious.  Personally, I’ve had at least 6 sandwiches off of the list and no one was better than the one came before it.  But there must be a champion…For the summer they are advertising “The Islander”.  It comes with Pepper Jack Cheese, Jerk Shrimp, Mango Salsa and is finished with a Citrus Jerk Sauce.  Just the description has my mouth watering.  Unfortunately, it across town and after my commute from DC back to Baltimore, I really don’t feel like driving allllllll the way over there.

So today, my craving got the best of me.  No, I didn’t make it to Grilled Cheese & Co., but I did go downstairs to the cafeteria at my job and have the guys whip me up a classic American grilled cheese with extra (that equals 5 slices).

Mmm mmm good!

And while I can’t wait to try The Islander this weekend, that classic grilled cheese sure did hit the spot!  Do you have a favorite cheese?  Or cheese laden sandwich?



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9 responses to “How do you celebrate officially having 10 whole blog subscribers???

  1. Johnice

    My absolute favorite snacking cheese is colby/monterey jack! It is a perfect combination of smoothness and sharpness.

  2. 1) I really wish I would’ve known about the grilled cheese truck while I was in LA over the weekend.

    2) Totally had pear/gorgonzola grilled cheese on rye last night

    3) We need to get you snacking on some classier cheeses. Like Delice de Bourgogne.

    4) My Grannie had a recipe for something called, “Apple Cheese Delight,” which calls for sharp cheddar and jars of Dutch baked apples (whatever the hell those are), among other things. Maybe I’m gonna have to try making it.

    • thebaconaficionado

      Lookie here Lieberman…
      Cracker Barrel Extra Sharp will always be #1, but I’ll be following up with a post about my raspberry walnut grilled triple cream brie, in a week or so. Don’t try to judge my cheese class! And granny was on to something! Here’s a healthy way to make Dutch-baked apples. You should try granny smith apples on a cheddar grilled cheese with a sprinkle of cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar…I’m sure you’ll wonder what were those punk pear sandwiches you were raving about!

      • you had me right up until “walnut.” that might kill me. and i’m only judging you a little bit–i love love loves me some regular old kraft yellow american cheese

  3. Made grilled cheese at home the other day – marble rye with sharp cheddar, tomato, and avacado. OMNOMNomnomnom

  4. Nico

    I’ve experimented and eaten many a good grilled cheese sammy. But a very simple one I have served to guests and just included in our last art opening is the french bread/brie/apricot jelly. Simple and small, so good for appetizers. Seriously, people love it.

  5. Domi Mobley

    Grilled Cheese is my favorite!!! If you’re ever in Jersey, visiting a fav cousin, I’ll have to take you to “The Pop Shop” in Collingwood. Known for it’s extensive grilled cheese menu (don’t think they have fancy cheese though). But to be quite honest, if there is more then bread and cheese, it’s not a grilled cheese sandwich, in my opinion. Keep it simple!

    PS My husband hates that I will order grilled cheese sandwiches at restaurants!

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