Pretentious dinner is one-upped by pretentious tornado

SMU practice rooms aren’t just for meth labs anymore. Tonight was supposed to be filled with Glee, beer, and pretentious dinner. Instead, we’re under a tornado watch. So JT and I, along with my cat Lucy and the new Gaga album, are spending it in a practice room at SMU.

smu practice rooms: not just for meth labs anymore

Meth lab, what?

Thanks a lot, stupid weather.  At 9:10 p.m., University Park was getting close to the red zone…

You might as well call Lucy "Toto"

You might as well call Lucy "Toto"

We’re going to be here until at least 10:00. Which means that we’re not going to get to eat until after 10:00. Well, the people aren’t going to get to eat…Lucy has treats. Tasty, cat approved, Whisker Lickins Crunch Lovers treats, to be exact. But something tells me that no one is interested in what kind of treats Lucy enjoys. So I’ll tell you about Pretentious Dinner instead…

Basically, Pretentious Dinner is pretentious. That, or it’s just lazy dinner. On tonight’s pretentiously lazy and delicious menu:

  • Mango
  • Green apple
  • Bosc pear
  • Strawberries
  • Bleu cheese
  • Central Market’s “Rustic” bread

Pretentious Dinner usually involves tasty wine, too, but we were too pretentious (read: lazy) to be bothered with remembering wine. Don’t worry though, Pretentious Dessert was not forgotten:

  • Ice cold milk in a glass–milk should only ever be drunk from a glass. It tastes terrible in a plastic cup.
  • Yellow cupcakes with chocolate buttercream icing from Central Market. Truly the best store-bought cupcakes in the DFW area.

Call me hungry, but this seems to me to be one hell of a nonsensical post. But Casey wanted me to post something, so this is what you get folks. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Sigh, at least there are vending machines down the hall.



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5 responses to “Pretentious dinner is one-upped by pretentious tornado

  1. thebaconaficionado

    Casey thinks she would have just grabbed her phone and blogged through the WordPress app, put Lucy on a leash and split food items w/ JT to carry as we scrambled to the makeshift fallout shelter! Food takes precedence, EVERY TIME! Sounds like a delish meal to come back to though!

    • I need to make a tornado box for next time. Contents: (a) harness, leash, water bowl, and litter box for lucy; (b) beer; (c) utz; (d) cupcakes and milk; (e) a cheese board/knife set; (f) cheese; and (g) steak.


  2. Doug

    (1) I now have a quest: to get a yellow cupcake with chocolate buttercream icing from Central Market;
    (2) Lindsey is my hero for posting during a tornado;
    (3) The screencap of the radar with Lucy inset is badass, how do you do that?

    XOXOX, Your Gay Husband

    • Best. Cupcakes. Ever. They aren’t metaphorical for nothing.
      I can be your hero, baby…I can blog away the storm…
      That’s easy: I took a screenshot of the radar and pasted it in Paint. Then I opened the picture of Lucy in another Paint window, resized it, copied it, and pasted it into the radar image. Then drew some boxes around it. I’m awesome.

      XOXOX, Your Gay Wife
      (Which sounds weird. I need another title, pleaseandthankyou)

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