Why I don’t eat everyone’s…

…cooking.  Duh!  What were you thinking?!?!  Anyhow, during the normal “I’m going to avoid work and surf foodie websites” dance, I came across a recommendation for a somewhat local Filipino restaurant.   So I chatted up my friend, who by the way IS  Filipino and the author of The Filipino Foodie blog, to see if he had heard of the place or even eaten there.  He hadn’t eaten there, nor had he heard of the place.

What was our customary Facebook repartee became a conversation about not trying a place just out of curiosity without having a legitimate source to confirm its quality.   This is when we added a tick mark in the “What makes you Black…” column.  Lol!  To quote him, “Case… problem is… I’m kinda ‘black’ like that. I don’t eat everyone’s Filipino food. Just like you probably don’t eat everyone’s potato salad, greens, mac and cheese…”  What I long held to be family and moreover culture prudence appeared to cross over into another ethnic pool.  If you are confused about what I’m speaking of, you’re probably not a person of color.  We grew up (with no explanation really) being told to not eat everyone’s food.  And in our community it could range from not eating everyone’s potato salad to their greens to their chicken…  Stereotypical…probably.  True…definitely!

Now I have certain things that I won’t eat, but mainly I’ve modified this family rule to “Don’t eat food from places that you can’t sue!”  Yes that means I don’t get to drive down the dirt road to buy fish dinners from the little man in the woods…but its fresh fish and the sides that his wife makes are so damned good.  Right, so I’m off topic…  This whole thought process comes full circle when the Filipino Foodie puts out an APB for anyone who has ever heard of this spot.  Success!  He found fellow a Filipino to give this place the stamp of approval…That’s actually the double stamp!  Not only do we get someone to say that the restaurant is good, but its someone who knows what the food is supposed to taste like that gave us the go ahead.

This practice used to and sometimes still does seem strange to me, but that leaves me to wonder if anyone else subscribes to this way of thought.  I’d love to hear it!

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  1. Vince

    Absolutely! I’ve questioned why this way of thinking has crossed cultures, and came to the conclusion that, at least in my case, that when you or your family comes from a developing country, that you must be ultra suspicious of what you eat, where you get that food from, as well as if you know this person’s cooking background. I remember being in the PI when I was 19, and wondering why a certain meat didn’t taste like anything I’ve had before, and later found that I was eating “adobo ng aso”. I’m not going to put this in English, because it would be too stereotypical and would confirm many fears about Filipino cuisine, but lets just say that I have questioned what I was eating ever since. Not to say that I’m not adventurous… but am quite cautious.

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