Recipe for Disaster…

I’m slowly learning that I’m going to catch hell when writing these blogs.  Although I love cooking and creating, I oftentimes find that it’s hard to relay a recipe to someone who requests it.  I never really understood until recently why my grandmother never had a recipe for anything she cooked, except for one thing…her famous chocolate icing (and I’ll die before someone has that recipe).  Anyhow, this post is a cautionary disclaimer of sorts.  While you may salivate a great deal and even end up licking the screen, because I cook to taste and from memory, your dishes that you try from my recipes may not come out as delectable as what you see or people confirm it to be.

Well, there you have it!  I’ve absolved myself of all responsibility if your meal turns out to be crrrrap (say that in a hefty Scotsman’s voice).  But the likelihood of that happening is next to none because after all you are learning from the best!  Let’s do this!



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3 responses to “Recipe for Disaster…

  1. Let’s talk chocolate icing. Grannie made the best chocolate cake, ever. House. Down.

  2. thebaconaficionado

    I’m all about respecting my elders, but I beg to differ. Once we get our fan game up, I’ll have people to confirm that Doris Bentley can’t be matched in her chocolate cake recipe…chocolate so good that I eat it! As a sidenote, the smell of any other chocolate makes me vomit!

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