So what’s this sweetbreads thing?  And my real question is, “why is it plural?”  Anyhow, I decided to try it/them out during happy hour with a few friends.  I needed a few drinks in me to try this random calf body part…was it the thymus or pancreas or heart?  Bleh!  We went to Policy(DC) where the fare ranged from the typical happy hour wings to lamb sliders with mint pesto and the veal sweetbreads fell right in between.

I ordered the sweetbreads and the bartender asked me again to make sure that’s what he heard and with a grimace in his face he put my order in.  When they came out, I was three rumrunners in and crazy anxious.  I knew that it wasn’t a piece of “regular” meat, but the way it was dressed up was so enticing.  It was fried, with cornmeal breading and accompanied by truffled asiago polenta and bing cherry brussels sprout slaw…DE-FRICKIN-LISH!  After the first bite, I was hooked!  The crispy outside, paired with the tender but firm inside completely superseded my preconceived notions.  And dipping the sweetbreads in the polenta made it absolutely heavenly.  Long story short, I now love sweetbreads, ended up introducing it to two of my friends without their knowledge (I told them after they chewed and swallowed) and I STILL don’t know what random organ I ate.  But damn was it tasty!



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2 responses to “Hmmm…Sweetbreads

  1. Vince

    Man… the sweetbreads at Policy are ridiculously good. They had them on the menu when I was there last… but not over polenta. I had it as a small plate appetizer over greens. OMG… the introduction to sweetbreads was absolutely heavenly and I can’t wait to get my hands on more…

  2. Cris

    Uh Oh Its the double threat together. I’m going to have to send a shot out to my bloggers to come check ya’ll out! OOO Congrats guys.

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